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About Me

Hello, I am Ethan. I am 12 and live in Washington state. My mom started homeschooling me in 2020 and we learn a lot about entrepreneurship. I am in a book club about entrepreneurs and I am also in a kid entrepreneur club. I really wanted to become an entrepreneur so we thought of what I could do. My mom suggested selling brownies.

In late June of 2021, we started Ethan’s Amazing Brownies. Then when we went to visit my grandma we decided to add more. First it was banana bread because my grandma always has ripe bananas. Then a customer suggested gluten free and sugar free banana bread, so we gave that a try. Next, a friend said what about lemon bars.

By that time I had enough money to buy special baking pans for what I really wanted to do, brownie donuts. I was having so much success that my older brother wanted in on the action. So I agreed to hire him on a commission basis for bakery support. He now helps make all my bakery items. We eventually added zucchini bread and even dog biscuits because we realized so many of our customers have dogs. When we returned to WA, I wanted to continue my business and my mom recommended we get an official cottage license. That took a few months but finally in December of 2021, we launched here in Washington.

My mom helps with marketing and social media because I am too young to have my own account. We are working hard to grow my business through social media, door-to-door, and word of mouth. Now that I am in my second year of business I have started adding more things to my menu. I am also learning the art of candle making. I would love to have the opportunity to serve you and your family.

Thank you for checking out my bakery site!!! It is a work in progress and we are constantly trying to improve!! I welcome comments and suggestions!! Please let me know how I can serve you today!!


3D Designs

I can make and ship any of the following 3D Print Designs. All are $5 each plus shipping. Color choices are Black, White, Orange, Green, Red, Pink, Yellow, and Blue. To play the video of the cube and spinner click the link on the title.

Fidget Spinner


Fidget Cube




Articulated Moose


The moose can also make a fantastic ornament in any of the eight possible colors.


Nutritional Information

Brownie Brownie Donut Gluten Free Brownie Donuts Sugar Free Brownie Donuts Gluten Free Sugar Free Brownie Donuts Vegan Brownie Donuts Lemon Bars Pumpkin Cake Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bars Chocolate Cookie Bars Banana Bread Sugar Free Banana Bread Gluten Free Banana Bread Banana Bread with Monk Fruit GF-SF Almond Banana Bread GF-SF Oat Banana Bread Zucchini Bread Sugar Free Zucchini Bread Zucchini Bread with Monk Fruit Lemon Bundt Cake Dob Biscuits

Media Appearances

Interview with KNDU TV in Kennewick,WA

Interview with NonStop Local in Kennewick,WA

My Book

Now Available!!! My book "The Adventure of Fire" is now available on Amazon and BN.com. To purchase click the icon of your preferred seller!!

Ethan Ethan Ethan Ethan

Other Products

Sugar scrubs!! I have a coffee and brown sugar scrub with coconut oil and a lemon and white sugar scrub with coconut oil. An 8 ounce jar is $7.

Do you need help waking up in the shower before you have had time to had coffee? Try my coffee and brown sugar scrub to not only exfoliate and moisturize your skin but to also open your eyes with the scent of delicious coffee.


Not a coffee person, that's okay, we have you covered with this amazing lemon, coconut oil, and white sugar scrub.


Other Sites

These are books I have read and reviewed!!! I hope you enjoy learning about them. They all have a link to purchase if you are interested. Cool Kid Books!!

Check out my expanding T-shirt and Merchandise site here!!

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"I bought a loaf of zucchini bread and it is so very yummy. Ethan is a great baker." - Donna B.

"Everything looks amazing. The brownie donuts are so delicious and my favorite." - Marijana P.

"Ok let me just say you haven’t had the best brownie until you have had 1 or 10 of Ethan's Amazing Bakery brownie donuts 🍩 I promise you will hum and do a little dance after your 1st bite!!" - Monique M.